Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Last Gasp Before Bed

From Blog of a Bookslut:
I really, really like this, given how many times I've been asked by patrons for the book they read years ago, it had a blue cover... A bookstore that organized its books by color.

This has been blogged about in a few places already and if I want to rant about it, I should probably do it on Occasional Blog, but this Greg Hill guy just doesn't get blogging. Sure, he's right, but he's also very wrong. I'll probably have more to say later, tomorrow, on Occasional Blog, where I usually do my ranting.

Watched premiere of the new Fox series, House. I loved it. It's refreshingly snarky for a medical show. Reminds me in a small way of St. Elsewhere where doctors weren't always saints. I hope it does well and stays on for a few years. I hate having shows I like yanked out from under my viewing eye. Nice webpage Fox gave it, too.