Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I Can't Stop Fussing

With the sidebar. I added things, moved the referrers list to the footer because some idiot had a URL about 2 feet long and it totally screwed up the sidebar.

I also missed a blog to pimp: Fighting Inertia. Like most of my other recent finds, it's a snappy women's blog.

And between the fiddling, I surfed with Blog Explosion. If I hit a blog I didn't like or had recently read, I just went to another open browser window and worked on Cyber Chocolate's template. As long as you're there for at least 30 seconds, Blog Explosion doesn't care what you do during that time. My first batch of credits tonight didn't show in my stats, tho, the second time this happened. This second batch showed up, but it does make me wonder a bit. Maybe there's just a delay sometimes, or maybe things aren't registering. Grrrr.....

And now, I think I'd better go to bed, since I safely detached myself from Blog Explosion. Tomorrow, I have a pretty eclectic schedule: Vote, clean, maybe do laundry, work on my novel. And check blogs, of course. heh.