Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Getting It Done (Reposted)

Deleted and reposted because an anonymous moron decided to defile this blog with his or her venom and for some reason, I've lost the ability to delete individual comments on this blog. I really don't want to have to shut down commenting, so I've done this delete/repost and will add puglet's comment at the bottom here.

Okay, I voted. In a local junior high school, in a very cramped space -- too many voting booths/districts jammed into a small room that's part of the lunchroom, I think. I brought a book with me in case the line was long, but it wasn't bad. I was out in 20 minutes. Voting was fast. I'd made up my mind, uh, 4 years ago even if I didn't at that time know the name of the Democratic candidate. I also voted for our senator up for reelection and for the rest, voted the party line. There were no proposals this year, which really startled me. We usually have at least two. And it was too dark to read, anyway. I keep forgetting how dark it is in there.

So I come home and catch up on the blogs I read and almost all are telling me to go vote. Been there, done that. The message got old pretty quickly. Even some of the photoblogs eschewed pictures to get the message out. I was looking for fun things to read to keep me distracted while I sweat out the election.

So, if you haven't yet, and you're a US citizen, please make sure you do vote before the polls close in your state. Because this year, more than ever, it's important. The winner of this election, among other things, is likely to name a Supreme Court justice or two or three over the next four years and that will affect this country and its laws for a lot more years to come. And that's all the political posting you'll see here. I usually save it for Occasional Blog.

puglet said...
aww..someone's cheerios got wee-wee'd on this morning, i think.I voted at 7 am. Yep. Then went to sleep, went to PT, went to work, and am now bashing my head against my desk..saying why..why..why..AGAIN???
6:01 AM

Me, again:
I've been physically sick since last night over this election. New York went all for Kerry and I'm very proud of everyone in this great state.