Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Today's (In)activities

I had today off -- I'm working Saturday -- and planned to go to the gym and pick up this week's supply of comics, but I wasn't feeling well, and the apartment needed cleaning (it's amazing how much dust can accumulate in a couple of weeks), so I stayed home and cleaned, more or less. And I did some more blog housekeeping, too.

I added Bloglet subscription boxes to all my BlogSpot blogs. I haven't used Bloglet myself, so I'm not sure how well it works, but apparently, it emails you the entries for the blogs you subscribe to, rather than require you to go log in to a site to get your blog subs, the way Bloglines does. I have Bloglines and am very happy with it, but I thought I'd offer the option. With Bloglines, you just need to join, then enter the URLs for the blogs you want to subscribe to. For Bloglet, you can do it directly from the blogs. If anyone has Bloglet or will be trying it, please let me know how you like it. I want to make my blogs as easy for folks to read as possible.

Now to get back to the cleaning. I think the stove is dry and ready to be put back together. :)