Sunday, October 24, 2004

Not Enough Hours in the Day

Well, I cleaned the kitchen. The good news? I washed the kitchen floor -- not just vacuumed, as usual -- for the first time since the spring. The bad news? At least 7 tiles need to be replaced, uh, immediately. They're completely worn down in places and badly scratched overall with dirt imbedded in the scratches. Yuck. I didn't get as much done as I'd wanted to today, but I did get through some of the piles of junk in the den. "

I got this guy years ago, so long I don't remember when or where. His jaw is wired so you can open and close his mouth. Pretty cool. He sits on a shelf on one of the bookcases in the living room, along with a lot of other stuff I've accumulated over the years. I thought I'd snap his picture and post him here in anticipation of Halloween. "

The Daily News dropped Shoe from the daily papers, but at least they're still running the Sunday one. Fortunately, I can read the dailies on I haven't seen a site feed for it, which would be so much easier. If anyone knows where I could find a feed for it or get it emailed to me, I'd appreciate it, thanks. "

I've been debating with myself if I should shorten up the content block here now that the sidebar is back to normal. The problem seems to have been caused by the referrals thingie, which I love, when the referrals are from specific pages on the NYHotties blog because the URLs are rather long. I just know that as soon as I reduce the width of the section, which will move the actual posts over to the right a bit, another long URL will show up there and I'll have to change it right back. I don't want folks to have to scroll sideways, so I hope this is okay. "

Gangreen, aka the Jets, lost today, so they're 5-1 and the Patriots are now 6-0. There's just something about New England teams this fall. I don't watch football much, anymore, but I do still like the Jets. It's nice to see them winning again. "

And now to see what else I can clean up. I guess this is another non-writing, one-day weekend. Oh well. I think blogging counts toward that, if not toward my novel. "