Sunday, October 03, 2004

Insert Clever Title Here

Just added a cool Referrers thingie to the sidebar, near the bottom. It's a site to support Fresco art and offers the referrer thingie for free. It lists the sites that referred folks to yours in the last day. I still have a Site Meter here -- below the footer -- and that lists referrers and what searches led folks to a site, but this shows the links right on the page and I thought it would be fun to look at. A lot of referrers will be via the Next Blog button on BlogSpot blogs.

I've been taking photos of things to use as clip art and took a few other chocolicious photos for fun.

This is a tin I bought at an antique store in Ohio. I have a small collection of tins. Hell, I have a small collection of damn near everything: postcards (okay, that collection is a bit large), comic books (also a large collection, even after I sold off 10 full comic book boxes of comics a dozen years ago), miniatures (again, a large collection), music boxes in the shape of pianos, business cards (fairly large collection), miniature houses (smaller than dollhouses, these are mostly wheat houses), stuffed...well, not quite animals (handmade dragon critters someone I know makes and stuffed figures based on cartoon animals, like Kliban's Fat Cat and some Opus dolls. I'd love a stuffed Bucky Katt.), blown glass figures (started collecting those when I was a kid, tho I haven't gotten any more in years and years), bookmarks (well, what else would you expect a librarian to collect?), stamps and First Day of Issue (for the Statue of Liberty stamp) stamped envelopes and postcards with a Statue of Liberty theme, books (okay, probably my biggest collection, especially the books about comic books), comics and cartoons, and well, other stuff I can't think of right now. My father is a collector, so I came by it honestly.

Other activities for the day included the C word -- Cleaning -- in regards to the B word -- Bathrooms. Not the way I want to spend gorgeous Sundays, but it had to be done. For some reason, they need to be cleaned once a week. Well, probably more often, but that's the best I can do.

Next week is a three-day weekend for me. No work on Saturday and a holiday on Monday. I took Saturday off so I could go to the Tom Bishop Miniatures Show in Manhattan. Next month is the big Philadelphia Miniaturia show and I'm planning to be there. The shows are the best ways to buy handcrafted dollhouse furniture and dolls. So I figure to get a lot done here, including writing.