Saturday, September 18, 2004

Notes on a Damp, Dark, Disgusting Day

I used to have no problem coming up with titles for my blog entries, but lately, it's been a challenge. Could I actually have exhausted my supply of good ones in only 6 months? Sheesh.

I am soooo glad I decided last summer to keep a spare pair of pants in my locker at work, along with socks. I've been keeping spare shoes there for years -- for those days when I want to change from rain or snow boots while I'm indoors. I added the pants and socks, along with underwear, toothbrush, and a few other items after the blackout last summer when 6 of us ended up staying overnight at the library. So I had something to change into when I got drenched by what's left of Ivan on my way to work this morning. My jeans are hanging over the rail by the window, where the custodian put on the heat to help the drying process. Along with my jeans and socks (my soaked through and through sneakers are in my office), are two other pairs of jeans, more socks, some sneakers, and a shirt (yes, someone got even more wet than I did). I think they'll be dry enough for me to wear home so I can leave the extra pants in my locker again. And I'll wear one of my spare pairs of shoes home and leave these squishy, cold sneakers in my office. Maybe they'll have dried out by Monday.

The sun peeked out for a bit while I was out getting lunch, but now it's dark again and it rained again but now has stopped again and it will probably be pouring when I go home. BUT...

This is exciting. The GAP had new corduroy skirts with pockets. Okay, the pockets aren't very deep, but I can just squeeze my wallet into one. The length is just below my knee and they flare from the waist, which is a style I haven't seen in this length in ages. I can sit in them without risking arrest for indecent exposure. Yeeha! So I bought two. Maroon and gray. Would've gotten the pale teal, too, but they didn't have my size in that color. But there are lots of GAPs in NYC and I can be patient now that I know what to look for. I have a long maroon, corduroy skirt, but I don't care. When it comes to clothes, if I find something that's just what I want, I don't take chances. I buy in multiples, one of every color I like. Now to find room in my closet for them. The fall clothing season is definitely looking up.