Saturday, September 18, 2004

Charting Progress

Back to work tomorrow. Let's see how I did with my list.
  • Finish draft of WIP -- No, but I did draft three more scenes and revised two others. I added 2 other scenes to the forthcoming scenes list.
  • Clean -- Did the bathrooms (oh joy) and dusted. Didn't get to the kitchen.
  • Get hair cut -- Yep.
  • Take photos for latest 26 Things photo challenge -- Got some, still need 7 pics.
  • Go to gym twice -- Went once.
  • Decoupage some boxes -- Nope, never got to them. (insert frowny face here)
  • Work on website -- Did some editing.
  • Blog (like I have to list this) -- Created a new LiveJournal blog, not ready to announce it. It's pretty cool, tho. A few of us who write together will work on it. It's a fictional diary for our characters in the shared universe we write and I publish zine-style. See Presto Speaks! for more about this.
  • Clean desk -- Started on this and keep finding more crap under the crap. Maybe I can get back to it on Sunday.
  • Learn how to use PhotoShop features other than rotating, cropping, resizing, and erasing, which I already know -- No (insert deep sigh), still haven't gotten to this.
The other thrill of these days home was today when I discovered the milk I'd bought yesterday was leaking all over the fridge. There were no other containers I could pour what was left into, so I emptied the quarter full half-gallon plastic jug of water into glasses and put the milk into that. So now I have four glasses of water in the fridge. Well, 2 now. Hubby and I drank the other 2. I don't know how I missed that the milk carton had a leak. I should've noticed as soon as I took it out of the bag yesterday.