Monday, September 27, 2004

Monday Musings

This was a day I'm glad to see the end of, though lunch at BetterBurger was quite nice and tasty. But the day just dragged by and a few people were out of sorts and now we're about to get hit by what's left of Jeanne. I found out my writing collaborator got flooded this time (she's in Florida), but is all right.

I've got a few fun links to share.

This is so not right. Hello Kitty checks, found on Big Pink Cookie which doesn't seem to have the link up anymore, but Bloglines captured the entry for me.

Found this link on Boing Boing: A Random Victorian Sex Cry Generator. For example: "What floods of bliss! What melting transports! What agonies of delight!" You know you want it.

From Burp! -- Dysfunctional Postcards

Blogger highlighted Scrapatorium, a blog of collages. This is way cool. I've been a fan of collages since I was a kid and have made plenty of my own over the years.

JustRose on Anonymous Rowhouse has been doing some heavy traveling down Memory Lane, very evocative stuff, including photos. And last night, while going through my first two photo albums, looking for a "From the Attic" photo for the Everyman Photo Contest, I found myself transported back in time, myself, and I thought about her.

I'm not one to blog about the past. I prefer to leave the memories behind and write about now, but sometimes, I do think about waxing nostalgic here. The interesting things seemed to happen post-blogging. There was the horror of 9/11, but I don't know that I could have written about it then and I don't want to now. There was the blackout last year when I stayed overnight with 5 others at the library, but the immediacy of that night is gone and every time I try to write about it, it's flat.

There's also the reunion with my best friend from high school, W, whom I hadn't seen in 25 years. She emailed me a couple of years ago, having located me online, and she drove down and we went to a diner and spent the entire afternoon there reminiscing, complete with photo albums and other mementos in hand. The wait staff was entertained and let us stay hours after we'd finished eating. If it had happened 10 years earlier, I probably wouldn't have wanted to see her, but now, I was more curious than hurt or annoyed (our friendship started to shred when she promised to pay for my dress so I could be Maid of Honor at her wedding, only to renege and me out of the wedding party since I couldn't afford the dress on my own). When I get past the point of being capable of being hurt by someone, I can do all sorts of things. And so, I'm not disappointed in not hearing from her for almost a year since the last time I emailed her. Par for the course, nothing really unexpected. I might email her again, just to see what happens.

We get so wrapped up in our lives, it's easy to forget about things and other people. But back to my photos.

One of my regrets is not having a photo of E (who died recently and whom I blogged about -- he gave me my Sweet 16 kiss) from the '60s. The ones I have are from the late-'70s and the '80s. And there were pictures of my grandmother and my mother. My niece, who just turned 11, looks so much like my mother, especially when my mother was a little girl, and in looking at the photos of my father's sister, I can see that I do look like her no matter what one of my father's cousins thinks, while my sister looks more like my mother's side of the family. So I ended up looking through a couple of photo albums and lost track of time going back in time.