Sunday, August 29, 2004

Clothes Comments

Wow. My entry on the woes of buying practical yet stylish clothes that are reasonably priced sure elicited a reaction, the only entry with comments here, I believe. I appreciate the helpful suggestions, but I wasn't looking for any. :) I was ranting.

What I want is for the clothing manufacturers to wise up and realize there's no reason to eschew practicality in favor of style. I see no reason to wear something I don't like just because it fits or because it has pockets (and I'm not the only one who wants pockets; I know others who want them, too). Pockets would "ruin" the line of the skirt. Bull. I have skirts with pockets and they look great.

I'm tired of being able to find all sorts of practical yet stylish clothes one season, and then not again for 3-4 years. I'm tired of having few choices and then sometimes having some of those yanked away (I really hope LL Bean brings back those long, pocketed, corderoy skirts this winter--they weren't selling them this past winter). And I'm tired of having one manufacturers size 10 or 12 fit me perfectly and the same size(s) from another not coming close to fitting.

The solution lies with the designers and manufacturers, when they stop trying to make women jump through fashion hoops. And the women who willingly jump through those hoops are partly to blame, for perpetuating the nonsense. Sure, I like seeing fresh new designs each year, but I also don't want to have to redo my wardrobe to stay in style or to be stuck not being able to replace worn clothes until the fashion cycle returns to something I both like and can wear.

And sorry, but I don't want my whole wardrobe, or most of it, to come from LL Bean, Land's End, Eddie Bauer, or any of the other catalogue shops. I know people who dress almost exclusively with clothes from one or two of them and everything they wear looks the same except for color. I crave more variety than that. And after 30 years of this, I'm really tired of it.

At least after I retire, in 7 years, I'll be able to just stick with jeans. That will be such a relief.