Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Still Here

Came across a questionnaire on Facebook, so figured I'd waste some time and answer it here, just to keep this blog viable. It's been a bad few months.

💍 Marriages: Just the one.
🐶  Pets Right Now: None
🚑Surgeries: Yes
✒️Tattoos: No
👂🏼Piercings: No
✋🏼Quit a Job: Yes, a few
🌴Been to an Island: Yes
🚘What do you Drive: Don't drive
✈️Flown on a Plane: Yes
☕️Favorite Drink: Chocolate malteds, of course
Fallen in Love: Yes
🚑Rode in an Ambulance: Unfortunately, yes
🎤Sang Karaoke: No, and I don't plan to ever do it.
Ice Skating: Yes
🏄🏽‍♀️Been Surfing: No
🚢Been on a Cruise: Been on small boats, but no cruiseships
🏍Rode on a Motorcycle: No
🏍Own a Motorcycle: No
🐴Rode on a Horse: Back when I was a teen, didn't like it
🏥Stayed in a Hospital: Again, unfortunately yes
🍎Favorite Fruit: Banana
🌓Morning or Night: Night
🌈Favorite Color: Blue
📲Last Phone Call: fHubby
📱Last Text: Uh, it was probably my sister, months ago. I rarely use text.
💀Watch Someone Pass Away: No
☕️Coffee or Tea: Neither. Hot Chocolate
🍰Favorite Pie: None. I don't like pie.
🐶Cats or Dogs: I prefer dogs.
🍁favorite season: Spring, though it's been too many years since we've had a proper one.
🎅🏼Favorite Holiday: Not a big holiday person, but I do like Halloween.


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