Thursday, June 23, 2016

Afternoon at the Ballpark

I went to the Mets game yesterday, and between this

Mets Lineup at Citi Field

And this

Mets Celebrate Victory on the Field

Final Score on Scoreboard: Kansas City Royals 3, Mets 4
I got hit by a foul ball that caught the back of my head on the rebound. We get quite a few foul balls where our seats are, but it's been a few years since one has come directly at me. I ducked and it went over my head, but the row behind me was empty, so the ball caught either the concrete floor or the seat and bounced right up to the base of my head. It hurt a little, but not too much. I heard some kid shout that he got the ball, but I figure as the injured party, I should've gotten to keep it. I honestly have no idea where it ended up, though somewhere behind me for sure, and I doubt anyone knew I'd been hit. Ah well. At least the Mets managed to win despite two players leaving with injuries. Nothing is ever easy with the Mets.