Thursday, March 31, 2016

Mug Cake

A while back, I bought 2 boxes of Dr. Oetker cake in a mug mix. One was vanilla with chocolate chips and the other was chocolate. Maybe I had them sitting in a cabinet too long, but while they tasted okay, they weren't great and not all that cake-like. They sure didn't look like the photos on the boxes, though admittedly, that might be partly my fault as I made a mess of the prep. Then again, the instructions were less than precise, especially the baking time in the microwave. The instructions gave the time for various wattages of microwaves, but not what level to use. So I tried "Bake" at first and that didn't work, so I tried the same mug-o'-mix again under "High." The result was uh, flaky. The second one, cooked/baked the instructed time on "High" came out pretty much the same. And despite my greasing the mug, the cake was caked on the sides. Not something I'll attempt again.

Mug Cake Chocolate Box

Mug of Chocolate Cake
As you can see, it didn't really rise, and I used a fairly standard size mug as instructed.

Close-Up of Chocolate Cake in a Mug