Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Bring on the Links

So, this is now a thing: Chococurb, a Chocolate-of-the-Month Club.

Stephen Moffat reveals how John Hurt became Doctor Who's War Doctor.

A very enlightening article about attitudes, especially in the workplace.

Yuna Doll is a Kickstarter project worth supporting. I did.

The 3D pen is my favorite of these new inventions.

James Taylor updated "Fire and Rain" on Stephen Colbert's show.

These Holocaust papers found in the walls of a Hungarian couple's home begs the question, how much more is hidden inside walls of European homes.

I have mixed feelings about this Ouija board-themed living room set.

Gift ideas for book lovers.

This Doctor Who/Edward Gorey mashup is oh so clever.

Stephen Colbert explains the silliness of censorship of art on TV.