Monday, July 27, 2015

Chocolate Chip Cookies

While I'm a total Oreos addict, and therefore, can't keep them in my home (I could eat a box a night that way), I also have a great love for chocolate chip cookies, so when these showed up in a gift basket, I had great anticipation.

Package of Lily O'Brien's Cookies

One Small Chocolate Chip Cookie
These cookies from Lily O'Brien's were okay, perfectly fine, actually. But not... they were not great. I expect greatness from chocolate chip cookies. Aside from home made, I currently love Linden's Chocolate Chippers, especially for the bite-size variety cookie. Lily O'Brien's cookies didn't have the same crispness, the same overall chocolate quotient of goodness. So, not a cookie I would seek out, but if another package came my way, I'd probably eat the contents.


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