Friday, March 27, 2015

Fancy Chocolate

I got gifted with a small box of Richart Chocolate, a chocolatier I'd never tried before. The small box was artfully packaged and featured a selection of ganaches, accompanied by a booklet explaining what each was. This collection of chocolates is called the "Esprit de Famille." The chocolate shells were dark chocolate, 74% cacao. The ganaches varied from citrus fruit combos to a light raspberry and a hazelnut and praline (which I did not try because that's not a flavor I like at all). All but one I tried had tiny bits of fruit in the ganache, which is something I don't like, but if you don't mind that, you'd probably like these chocolates. The chocolate, itself, was very smooth and not at all bitter.

Box of Chocolates

Nine Chocolate Ganache Squares