Monday, January 05, 2015

New Year New Post

So far, this year feels like last year. Other than needing to remember to write 2015 instead of 2014, I really don't get the fuss of it being a new year. I don't get the people who complain that a year was bad and hopefully, this one will be better. It's just a date on a calendar. But a lot of people put stock in such things, so who am I to judge?

Instead, I'll offer up some fun links from the past week or so.

Way, way back in the early 1900s, Helen Holmes was one of the first female action heroes of the movies. Not only was she a pioneer in front of the camera, but behind it, as well. I never heard of her, but after reading this article, I want to know more.

These Star Trek-themed guitar picks almost make me want to take up guitar. Almost. They sure are cool.

In case you actually haven't seen this yet, Patrick Stewart was filmed wearing a gift his wife got him for Christmas. You're welcome.

Rachel Maddow reported on NYPL's old reference questions.