Monday, August 18, 2014

Chocolate Bar Treat

There's no denying that chocolate goes well with something salty. Chocolate covered pretzels have always been a favorite of mine, provided the chocolate is dark. But I hadn't considered chocolate with potato sticks despite having loved potato sticks when I was a kid. The Chocolate Bar has remedied this lack in my life.

Potato Sticks on the Back of the Chocolate 

Front of Chocolate Potato Sticks Bar
The taste was wonderful. The chocolate was what I've come to expect from Chocolate Bar chocolate: rich, smooth, chocolate goodness. The potato sticks brought back happy memories of childhood when I would stuff my face with them. My only problem with this confection is that the potato sticks were stuck on the back where they readily fell off as I broke off pieces of chocolate, or tried to take a bite from the bar, itself. I wish they'd found a way to work the potato sticks inside the chocolate. Also, a corner of the bar was broken off when I got it home, but that could have happened in transit. All in all, an item I would happily buy again.