Sunday, June 08, 2014

This Weekend's TV Viewing

This weekend's TV viewing:

Saturday: Orphan Black blew my mind in its first few seconds. If you haven't been watching this show, you're missing something special. Clones! All played by one actress! For that alone, it's worth your time.

Sunday: Game of Thrones devoted the entire episode to one sequence, the big Battle at Castle Black. Unlike the big Battle of Blackwater Bay in season 2, this left me a bit underwhelmed, perhaps because I knew what was coming, mostly as I've read the books after watching season 3. It was well done, though.

Veep aired two back-to-back episodes to end the season. The show feels like an extended sketch comedy, something I prefer on sketch shows like Saturday Night Live. I prefer my sitcoms to be more realistically filmed, more naturally acted, like How I Met Your Mother, but Veep, starring Julia Louis Dreyfus, is rather funny, a bit wacky, and always entertaining. The season ended with a fun twist.

Last Week Tonight starring John Oliver, a no-holes-barred political satire, proves one thing: John Oliver is brilliant. Unlike the show he used to be on -- John Stewart's show -- here he can say and show anything he wants without fear of censorship. He takes full advantage of that to great effect.

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