Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It's About the Burger

I'm always happy to find a new burger place to try out, so today I had a late lunch/early dinner at Twist and Smash'd here in Queens, NY. Manhattan is the borough (county) that gets all the trendy restaurants, so it's always nice to have one find its way to Queens. Their specialty is fried potatoes on a stick. The presentation is attractive, and the taste is pretty good.

I opted for a classic Smash'd burger, basically a slider with melted cheddar cheese. The imprint of the brand name on the bun is pretty cool, and the buttered bun was very tasty. They offer gluten-free buns for those who need 'em. The burger was tasty enough, nothing special. I chose the Japanese Sweet Potato option for my twisted potato. It was quite yummy, but the crispy bits were much better than the rest. With a Bareburger down the block, I'm not sure I'll go there again, but for a quick snack, it's fine.