Monday, February 24, 2014


Spent most of the last few days vegging, so I thought I'd post another round of links, covering fun to serious topics.

Being rather lazy, I've decided to just link to this review of a macaroon-making kit, rather than get it and try it for myself.

Andi over at Bored Blog Almighty always finds the coolest stuff. Here are some online time-wasters.

How Wolves Change Rivers is a smart, short, to the point video of the impact of reintroducing wolves to Yellowstone National Park. All life is interconnected, and this is a 4-minute look at how that is.

This village in the Netherlands designed for people with age-related memory issues should spread across the globe. I'm always amazed at how clever people can be.

This Subway Cake Performance is just one of the things that makes New York City great.

I used to work with people who are blind or visually disabled, so this Lego Braille Printer designed by a seventh grader caught my attention. For all the kids who cause problems these days, there are still plenty of other kids who are smart and using their time constructively.