Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Marvel Agents of SHIELD Rant

Spoilers to follow, if you didn't see this week's episode.

This article on really gets to the heart of my problem with the series so far. I enjoy it well enough, but I don't consider it must-watch TV yet. It's too generic an action show. It doesn't really feel like part of the Marvel-verse. I kept hoping Captain America or Iron-Man or someone would swoop in at the end of the episode and rescue Coulson, because... Coulson! I get that they wanted the show to be about the non-super-powered beings at SHIELD who take care of the stuff the Avengers, et al, can't, but by building the show around Coulson, one of a very few non-powered beings who is connected to the Avengers, means not having those super-powered beings be part of the show in some capacity makes for a dull show, especially at the slow pace the mysteries of Coulson's death and Skye's parents are being played out. In addition, as a cliffhanger, this was dullsville. I'm betting tonight's Arrow will school SHIELD on how to do a mid-season cliffhanger/finale (and when did mid-season become a thing?). Arrow started as a show about a non-powered hero and has kept powers out of the show, until slowly introducing them, probably with the Flash tonight, but maybe later on, yet has moved storylines in 2 timelines forward at a pace that keeps ratcheting up the tension/suspense without defusing it, feeding us info at just the right times. SHIELD feels old hat while Arrow feels fresh and exciting. The folks behind SHIELD could take a few lessons from the folks running Arrow.