Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Death of the Fridge

Our fridge is dying. The freezer is pretty much unreliable right now, with things melting, then refreezing, which means I don't trust the refrigerator section of it, either. Repair guy says it's the compressor. RIP, Whirlpool Compressor. New fridge on order. I've mostly been eating non-perishables, or in restaurants. Fortunately, chocolate, while best chilled, is a non-perishable.

I have seen Thor: The Dark World. I enjoyed it immensely. I highly recommend it, even if you haven't seen the first Thor movie. Which I did, and enjoyed, but the sequel is better. Yeah, a sequel better than the movie it follows. A rare treat, indeed.

Favorite new show of the TV season remains Sleepy Hollow. Sorry, Marvel Agents of SHIELD, but despite being entertaining, you just seem to be lacking something, maybe the polish, audacity, and sheer fun that is Sleepy Hollow. And favorite new show of last season, Arrow, continues to entertain, kicking it up a few notches in its sophomore year.