Thursday, October 17, 2013

October Linkages

Been under the weather. Well, mostly, it seems that my IBS is on the offensive, so posting will be more sporadic than usual because I have no energy.

To make up for the posting lag, I offer the following links.

The Gorey Store has Gorey soap. Really. I love Edward Gorey's work. I have a few of his books and I've had a few calendars using his illustrations. I'm rather tickled to know there's a Gorey Store, and that they sell plush Gorey cats by Gund. I discovered this wondrous site thanks to BookRiot.

Get fake cats to follow a real red dot. Or you could make Paper Desk Toys. Found on Bored Blog Almighty.

And thanks to Neatorama, we now know about this Voodoo Doll Toothpick Holder.