Saturday, September 28, 2013

Week of Sunshine

Well, mostly sunshine. Some clouds moved through to try to spoil the party that is September, but to no avail. The sun won and is shining as I type this. And sunshine made for a perfect day with a friend to snap pics midweek of 5Pointz, a world-famous graffiti building scheduled to be torn down to make way for condos. Taggers and graffiti artists travel from all over to paint murals on this amazing old warehouse structure, and it's always changing. The new buildings supposedly will have an art space, but there's something special about this warehouse building that won't be replicated.

Here are some photos from this week.

5 Pointz Building

Never Forget graffiti

Be Original graffiti

portrait graffiti

portrait graffiti


mad scientist graffiti mural

More -- much, much more -- can be found in my flickr stream.