Thursday, May 16, 2013

TV Season Finales

Still fighting congestion from my week's stay with some cats. Ah, allergies.

I thought I'd weigh in with opinions on the season finales of some of my favorite shows. Here there be spoilers if you aren't caught up.

A nice, satisfying end to the season. Beckett's been offered a great job that would require her to move to Washington, DC. Castle, after a heart-to-heart talk with his mother, ends the episode by proposing to Beckett. The finale placed the show in perfect position to take the relationship of the two characters to a new level, or end it.

How I Met Your Mother
With one season remaining, we meet, at the end of the episode, the mother. None of the characters have met her yet. That will come next season. Nicely played.

A nice change of pace from the everyone's in danger type cliffhangers we've seen from this show. A decade in, NCIS hasn't lost its mojo, and delivered a nice, thoughtful episode about actions and consequences. Team leader Gibbs has often cut corners to get the bad guys or find justice, as has his team, and an over zealous federal investigator has Gibbs in his sights. But a solution to make it all go away might not end well. The last scene jumps four months and we'll have to wait til next season to see what happened during those four months, as well as for the outcome. I can always count on NCIS to keep me guessing.

This spinoff of NCIS is still young enough to go for the jugular, with characters in jeopardy and a couple of old Soviet nuclear weapons in the wrong hands. The story had been built up over a number of episodes this season and there should be repercussions after the dust settles and the plot is thwarted come fall when the new season starts. Will someone be killed off? Will there be fallout from the kiss Deeks planted on Kensi? The only thing I'm sure of is that the bombs will likely be recovered or destroyed. I hope. ;)

This new show, an adaptation of the Green Arrow comics, had a fine season, with many story threads coming together for a fine conclusion, while leaving plenty of fallout to fuel the start of the second season. A major death, a man-made earthquake that left major damage to the poor Glades neighborhood, some revelations, and some changing attitudes, mostly from Det. Lance, hold much promise. Probably my favorite finale this season.

Person of Interest
A real game-changer. The Machine is on its own! The major threat has been averted, but there's still more danger to deal with. And just what does it mean for the Machine to be independent? My second favorite finale. This is an intricately plotted show, like Arrow, being told in two timeframes. We finally learned how Finch's partner was killed and how he hurt his leg. Good stuff.

The Good Wife
Peter Florrick won the election for governor and Alicia Florrick decides at the end to leave the Lockhart Gardner law firm to go out on her own with Cary Agos to form their own firm. A game-changer, and an intelligently written series.

Elementary and The Big Bang Theory's season finales air tonight. Should be good. And there's the finales for Doctor Who and Orphan Black this weekend. With Warehouse 13 back on Syfy, along with the new show Defiance, and more shows returning in June and over the summer, TV is a year-round entertainment these days and a golden era for those of us who love our TV.