Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What I've Been Up To

It's amazing how one can go from vegging for days on end to busy busy busy.

Friday night, hubby and I saw Don McLean perform at B.B. King's. He's one of my favorite performers and, as usual, didn't disappoint.
Don McLean
Saturday, I ran errands.

Then on Sunday, I went with a friend to see Paul Taylor Dance Company. No photos allowed, but I managed to get a shot inside the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center before the performance. They did three dances: Offenbach Overtures, Promethean Fire, and a world premiere, Perpetual Dawn. The first two were beautifully performed, with the dancers having all settled into their roles a couple of years after some retirements meant shifting parts for some of the dancers. The new dance was quite lovely and I really liked the earth tone costumes.
David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center
Yesterday, I ran more errands and today is cleaning and laundry day. The rest of the week will be busy, too.

Feeling: accomplished