Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Highs and Lows

Our water main burst Saturday around noon. Wanna guess what I was doing when I discovered there was no water? And not only no water until late Sunday, when they got the cold water running, then no hot water til Sunday evening, but we have steam heat. No water main meant no water to make steam. I suppose we were lucky it wasn't even colder out this weekend.

A friend and I attended the matinee for Paul Taylor Dance Company at Lincoln Center, where, shortly before I arrived, they'd had to evacuate because of a mysterious package that fortunately was not a bomb. The dancers were in top form and they did one of my all-time favorites, "Company B," along with a newer dance I adore called "Gossamer Gallants," which has the dancers playing fireflies. And I ended up sitting next to a former member of the company, Sylvia Nevjinsky. She was so nice! She chatted with me between dances.

Feeling: okay