Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sometimes People Get the Wrong Wrong

So I was reading this post on one of my favorite blogs, Not Always Right, and all I could think about after I'd finished was Huh? Why was this even submitted? I was as confused as the customer. I was especially thrown by the cashier saying the customer didn't need to write out the check unless she needed to. Why didn't the cashier just explain right upfront that the check would be handled electronically, so a blank one could be used, unless the customer needed it filled out for her files? Simple and it would have saved time and trouble. But then there wouldn't be a funny post for that blog, right?

I worked in public service for 30 years and sometimes, what you know and what is clear to you is in no way clear to the person you're talking to. If they don't understand the first time, then explain, don't keep repeating the same thing. Sheesh. File this under Pet Peeves.

Feeling: peeved, natch.