Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More Bacon

Another of my friends is also a bacon lover, so I told her about the delightful Baconery on Manhattan's Upper West Side and we met there for lunch. She had The Babe, which is the eggs, bacon, and cheese sandwich I had the first time I went there, and not being as hungry, I opted for the delicious Miss Piggy (Geez, that sounds awful, doesn't it? Poor Miss Piggy), which is a grilled cheese with bacon. Bacon is the main ingredient in these sandwiches, nice thick pieces of bacon with the eggs and/or cheese or whatnot added in almost as extras. Nothing can overwhelm the bacon flavor!

My friend's a coffee drinker and enjoyed her bacon-free coffee, while I had a hot chocolate, sans bacon this time because, really, the hot chocolate is so rich, it doesn't need anything else. I asked one of the owners about it (and I wish I'd gotten his name) and he said, no, no cinnamon in it, but it does have a kick which must come from the cocoa powder added to the chocolate.

I got a nicer photo of the hot chocolate this time. I also got a couple of bacon chocolate chip cookies to bring home.

Hot Chocolate
This is a fun, friendly, yummilicious cafe. I wish it was closer to where I live/easier for me to get to, but it's a nice excuse to visit a neighborhood I lived in for about a year in the '70s and where I enjoy strolling along the photogenic streets.

Feeling: sated