Friday, November 30, 2012

Baked Not Fried

It started with such promise. In the rain, a few doors down from the subway on Lexington Avenue on the Upper East Side, I spotted a small sandwich board on the sidewalk that advertised baked goods. I went in and it smelled, well, like a bakery, one of my favorite shop aromas. Baked doughnuts! I had to try some. The place is Baked by Butterfield.

The doughnut is as described. I got a chocolate frosted. The entire doughnut was sticky from a sugar glaze, and topped with decent chocolate frosting. The doughnut, itself, was less tasty. Apparently, I prefer fried to baked when it comes to doughnuts.

chocolate frosted doughnut

I bought a couple of round, doughnut-shaped cakes, too. The double, or should it be triple, chocolate cake is a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and little bits of something crunchy on top. The cake was a bit dry, but otherwise, yummy.

double chocolate cake
 The black and white doughnut cake was not nearly as good. The icing was okay, meaning the chocolate was pretty good and the vanilla was bland. The yellow cake was dry and rather tasteless.
black and white cake
There's definitely a variety to choose from and they sure are healthier than fried doughnuts, so this place might just be the place for you if you're in the area. And I love the little fork/spoon utensils they give out with the cakes.

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