Sunday, November 06, 2011


It's been a busy, and fattening, week. A real rehearsal for retirement.

Sunday, I did the laundry. (I tried to find a fun link for laundry, but settled for the Wikipedia definition. It's late, give me a break.) I needed clean clothes and didn't want to go shopping for them.
Monday, I cleaned. Yeah, I know, hardly a vacation activity, but it needed to be done.
Tuesday, I went to lunch with a friend and had yummy mac and cheese at Sarita's.
Wednesday, I played online and caught up with stuff at home.
Thursday, I went taking photos on the High Line park with another friend. We had lunch at Chelsea Market which may become my new favorite place.
Friday, hubby and I went to see Air Supply at B.B. King's. It's a restaurant/club. I had yummy southern fried chicken and mashed potatoes with cole slaw.
Air Supply

Saturday, I went to Philadelphia Miniaturia. I bought stuff.
Sunday, I stayed home and am catching up on the social web. :)

Feeling: pooped