Friday, October 28, 2011

Joy of Cupcakes

Caught! 9/52
Babo Caught Eating My Cupcake

I've long heard about Crumbs Bake Shop and have wanted to try their cupcakes, but being rather lazy, I never got around to heading over to Crumbs. But Crumbs, evidently tired of waiting for me to go to it, decided to come to me, and opened a store mere blocks from my workplace.

Pictured is a Squiggle cupcake. They have names. They have calorie counts posted! This large cupcake -- and they're all, pretty much, large -- was around 530 calories, if my memory is trustworthy. The cupcakes ranged from 350 or so calories to well over 500.

This was tasty. There's vanilla icing inside, making this similar to a Hostess cupcake or a Drake's Cake, only better. However, this was not as good as the cupcakes I recall fondly from childhood and have, over the years, occasionally rediscovered. I like plain devil's food cake with a thick, swirly, buttercream icing on top. Filling is nice but not required. The cake was moist but could have been moister/richer. The icing was yummy, but missing something, too similar, perhaps, to the mass produced packaged cupcakes one gets in the grocery store. I dunno. I liked it, but I'm glad I hadn't gone out of my way to get it.

Feeling: slightly disappointed