Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quake and Shake

Okay, so there was an earthquake outside Washington, DC. Folks reported feeling it here in NYC. I didn't. Our library tends to shake a bit normally as big book carts are pushed back and forth on all floors, and whenever a large truck rumbles by outside. It would take a lot more shaking for me to notice a quake. :) My husband said he felt vibrations. I did hear the rattling of the grating up by the ceiling of my office, but that was it, No vibrations, no shaking. I feel cheated.  We had a quake in NY years ago, in the morning, and I slept through it. We live near railroad tracks; I'm used to vibrations and rattling of things at home.

So, all is well, in case anyone was wondering.

Feeling: more worried about the hurricane heading our way than an earthquake in Virginia