Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Links I Meant to Post But Forgot Til Now

The new layout here on Draft Blogger makes it easier for me to see drafts, and apparently, I have 10 unpublished posts. So I'm combining them. If anything is actually a repeat or a link doesn't work, sorry. And I can't believe how old some of these are. A couple were from 2009, some from 2010, and a couple from earlier this year. There's also a Christmas post I'll save til this year's Christmastime, but first, I'll double check that I didn't end up posting it under a different title.

Here comes the old stuff....

For a post I was going to call "Fun Stuff": I thought about titling this post Fun Shit, because that's the way I usually talk in my private, non-work, non-blogging life, but just couldn't do it. The intimidation factor of this going out into the Whole Wide World stopped me. So I'm blogging about it as an introduction to this post. Go figure.

Anyway, Misty, a flickr pal whose blog I recently learned about, posted about this fun site, Today on the Interwebs. Not that I need another blog to follow, but I'll be adding it, because, well, it's cool. So are Misty's photos which you should check out. She's a fellow rubber duckie fanatic. Okay, I'm not a rubber duckie fanatic, just a rubber duckie lover. It's the action figures I got rather obsessive about.

Passive Aggressive Notes blog. Not necessarily passive.

Chocomize: Chocolate the Way You Want It.

Fun 404 page. Found on The Thinks I Think. I think I could click it for hours at a time. So cute.

Tater People. Found at The Presurfer.

Chocolate fashion at the Chocolate Show. Thanks, Wil for the link.

Found this fun drawing site, Harmony, on Today On the Interwebs.

Feeling: forgetful