Thursday, July 07, 2011

Movie Time

Saw Super 8 with a friend today and loved it. I took a film class in college and had a super 8 camera. I wish I'd grown up with kids into making movies. Maybe they were and I didn't know about it. I was rather shy, and more into drawing and reading than making movies. But I needed a few more electives in college and the class more than fit the bill. It was fun. And it was fun seeing a sorta coming of age movie about kids making a zombie movie and stumble into something that makes the zombies look like child's play. This was sorta a mix of ET with Stand By Me with current day sensibilities set in 1979. The young performers were all wonderful as was Kyle Chandler and Ron Eldard as two of the fathers.

We also got to see the trailers for Captain America and for Cowboys and Aliens. Both look great. I'm jazzed. Maybe I'll even get to see them in the theater. (I see so few movies in theaters these days, maybe 2-3 a year.)

Feeling: tired