Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lots of Little Things Add Up to Not Much

It's been quite the week so far. Annoying tourist season has started in NYC, making my morning commute noisier than usual as hordes of tourists plus tour guides pack into the subway car I'm in.

Rude, don't watch where you're going season has been underway for a while now, so mix that with hordes of tourists roaming the city streets and I've got plenty to bitch about.

New phone system at work has been an interesting challenge. Our library branch is now a call center! And we've got new phones. The handset is too wide for my hand and I keep dropping it. My ears don't like headsets, so that's not an option. I get earaches. And the buttons on the new phone are different or the same in different places, so it's been almost a game of who will lose the most calls in a day while trying to transfer them. Plus, the phones have displays that show a lot of info that's hard to read. I painted the buttons with different Sharpie colors, so it looks very cool now, if nothing else.

On the entertainment front, summer shows are returning. Burn Notice is back, The Closer returns in July, and a week from Friday, we get Torchwood: Miracle Day on Starz! I'm psyched!

Oh, and the Mets have made baseball fun this week.

Guess that's it. I hear some chocolate calling my name. :)

Feeling: ready for a 3-day weekend!