Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Day at the BEA

Went to Book Expo America today. As a librarian, I was able to get in with a free pass my library system bought for staff. I mostly just walked around the entire exhibit hall. The lines for author autographs were obscenely long. The one for James Patterson seemed to be the worst, but there were others that seemed just as bad.

However, to ease the pain, many vendors were handing out chocolate. I scored three pieces of Dove dark chocolate. Yum!

Also picked up a mousepad, some bookmarks and buttons, a couple of catalogs, and a bunch of postcards. Chatted with some nice folks, too.

Then I went to Five Guys to get a burger. I've heard so much about the place and had to try it, but whenever I went by it, it was so crowded. Today, I hit it at a good time. The burger was a basic burger. I had it with ketchup and lettuce and the bun was a regular seeded bun. The burger was well cooked, juicy, and tasty, right up there with my favorites: GoodBurger and NY Burger Co. The fries were good, not as good as NY Burger Co's, but better than GoodBurger's.

Burger and Fries from Five Guys, plus a soda

Feeling: content