Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Watching Doctor Who and Torchwood

I've spent most of the last month watching Doctor Who and Torchwood, in between new run episodes of my favorite shows. I've been obsessed with the shows. I came to both late in their existence and started my catch-up with the 9th Doctor. I'll get dvds of the earlier Doctors as funds allow and watch them as time allows.

I kept a running commentary at times on my Facebook account about the shows and thought I'd share my thoughts about them here. Think of it as a peek into my Doctor Who/Torchwood diary. Some spoilers (Well, for those of you like me who haven't seen these yet. I'm sure there must be others like me, late to the party.) ahead.

  • Am acquainting myself with the 9th Doctor.
  • Spent the day with the 9th Doctor. Three more episodes to go!
  • Viewing of the 9th Doctor/series 1 has been concluded. Will be moving on to the beginning of the 10th Doctor.
  • First episode with 10th Doctor has been viewed. He sure took more time to finish regenerating than the 11th Doctor did. Wonderful episode, though.
  • Tennant is rather endearing in it, especially when he's unconscious/sleeping. ;) That's all I had time for tonight. Last 3 of Eccleston and one of Tennant. Only one new show to watch tomorrow, so I should be able to watch a few more.
  • The game shows was wonderful. So many funny bits, especially with Jack
  • Doctor Who homegrown marathon continues with the second 10th Doctor episode, New Earth.
  • School Reunion = Awesome!
  • I'd heard about K-9 for years, so it was so nice seeing him. And Rose and Sarah Jane comparing notes about the Doctor was a hoot. And of course, I can never resist Anthony Stewart Head.
  • Zipping through Series 2. Now watching Rise of the Cybermen.
  • Watching "Love & Monsters." Too funny and with Marc Warren, the cutie from Hustle.
  • On a Human Target break from Doctor Who.
  • Back to Who. Oh. My. Doomsday was quite the tearjerker. Watching the Confidential, then on to Torchwood series 1!
  • Watching first episode of Torchwood.
  • Is there anyone who hasn't seen this yet? The lost opening to the Doctor Who Craig Ferguson Show, the one they couldn't air because they found out at the last minutes that they didn't have the rights to the music.
  • Even with 3 hours of new tv tonight, I still managed to watch 2 Torchwoods. Awesome.
  • Torchwood: Countrycide is definitely not something you want to watch before bed. When the guy told Gwen it made him happy, I felt a chill. That was definitely one of the creepiest things I've seen on television.
  • Hard to pick a favorite so far, and I'm seeing them so quickly, I'm already forgetting details. I would've done better remembering when I was younger, I'd think.
  • Owen is growing on me, damn it!
  • Torchwood: Captain Jack Harkness = The Awesome! One more to series 1. And enough time to watch it tonight and maybe some of the extras! :)
  • Torchwood 1 has been viewed! What a rush! Wish I didn't have work tomorrow. I'd rather have a Doctor Who/Torchwood marathon!
  • Back to watching Doctor Who. Am up to the 4th Martha Jones episode. Daleks! in Manhattan of all places! Eek!
  • The Doctor keeps running into women who don't listen to him. :)
  • I like Tallulah with 3 Ls and an H. She was funny. The NY accents were so exaggerated in the episode, like they got it from a bad movie. A decent job, but not all that accurate. And not everyone in NY sounds like they're from Brooklyn, even back then, which is what I think they were doing.
  • Up to Human Nature. Six episodes of series 3 of Doctor Who to go.
  • The ending of The Family of Blood got me all choked up. Awesome episode!
  • Commentary on DW Series 3 viewed and enjoyed. On to Torchwood Series 2!
  • ‎"Bloody Torchwood." heh
  • ‎"Hey, kids, you miss me? heh heh" Love it!
  • "You brought me back for that?"
  • On my last Torchwood for the night: Something Borrowed.
  • Sneaking in another Torchwood or two. Only 3 left of series 2 to watch.
  • Saw this one before, but it's better now that I know who the characters are and what's going on and all that detail stuff.
  • Jack: "I'm going Weevil hunting with Ianto." Ooo, now that's an ideal date. :)
  • Won't watch the last two until I can see them together. I remembered Adrift once I got into it. It meant so little to me when I saw it first run. Now it's full of nuances.
  • Adipose! (This will make sense to the Doctor Who fans among my friends and probably no one else.)
  • ‎"The Doctor's Daughter": I saw this one first run. I don't know if I saw every one after it before the movies, but I definitely started here.
  • "The Unicorn and the Wasp." Yes, I've seen it before. You'd think I would've remembered the giant wasp when I saw it again, but no. What was familiar was charades in the kitchen!
  • "Silence in the Library." River Song!
  • "Hey! Who turned out the lights?" Now I have another library nightmare to add to my library nightmare list.
  • Last 2 episodes before the movies and series 5, and the gang's all here!
  • Now up to Journey's End. And more than before, I want Jack and the 11th Doctor to meet.
  • Finished watching the emotional roller coaster of DW series 4. I can't believe how many ways they found to use his severed hand, on DW and on TW. So awesome.
  • I'm watching TW: Children of Earth. This might be even more painful to watch than the first time. I know the characters better now and I know how this ends. Doctor Who always seems to end on an upbeat note, but not TW.
  • Torchwood: Children of Earth now rewatched. Commentary next, then the Doctor Who movies, which I've also already seen. It was a lot easier to watch the whole thing at once rather than wait for the next day not knowing what was going to happen, but still, emotionally draining. The tears sliding down Jack's face as his grandson died was so powerful.
  • Watched "The Next Doctor." Jackson Lake was such a great character. And what a great name! And yes, I saw this before.
  • Tonight's Who viewing is "Planet of the Dead." I'll be in fine Whovian form by the time Saturday and the new Doctor Who Christmas Special airs.
I still have the 2-parter to end David Tennant's run as the Doctor, then, I'd like to rewatch the 11th Doctor/Matt Smith episodes. I'm watching the commentary for that now. And on Saturday, Christmas Day, BBC America will air the Doctor Who Christmas Special.

Feeling: happy