Thursday, August 26, 2010

Post of Desperation

Extravagance Feels Like Home to You

You love to pamper yourself, and why should that stop at home?

You have the finest furniture and home decor that your money can buy.

You know that you'll be spending a lot of time at home, so you try to make it as wonderful as possible.

Your home is truly your castle. And it's a very comfortable castle at that!

Cheaper than a therapist, perhaps, but not nearly as useful.

Summer can be a slow blogging time. So, if I hadn't needed something to blog about, i wouldn't have posted this because, really, it's off the mark by a mile and then some. The pictures to choose from weren't all that different, but the only one with bookshelves had furniture I didn't like. So I picked the pic with the fireplace and furniture I liked because it looked cozy. But ideally, a comfy leather sofa and matching chairs, old-fashioned fireplace, carpet or rugs, antique wood table, and lots of bookshelves would do it for me.

Feeling: bemused

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