Friday, July 16, 2010

Street Menace

I'd thought the only things I had to watch out for while walking along the streets of my fair city was doggie poo and idiots yakking on cellphones. I was wrong. Now I have to watch out for people walking and texting at the same time! At least the people chatting on phones are looking ahead of them, even if they don't pay all that much attention to other people. It seems they mostly are keeping an eye out for their destination. But the texters? They might glance up from the teeny screen in their hands once or twice a block. This is a big city, with 8 million or so people -- more in tourist season -- and it seems as if half of those are on the sidewalk on any given day. What possesses someone to stroll along and text at the same time? How could they not notice they're not the only ones on the street? I have to conclude they don't care, and this in a neighborhood with a residence for blind people.

Feeling: annoyed

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