Sunday, July 25, 2010

Quick Update from the Green Mountains State

Hubby and I took a quick weekend trip to Vermont. Took lots of photos. LOTS of photos! Some are chocolate related, so I'll be posting a bunch here as I get them uploaded and sorted.

Vermont is known for maple syrup and cheese, but it's also a good source of chocolate. There's the Vermont Confectionery in Colgate Park, the Village Chocolate Shop in Bennington, and the Chocolate Barn on Rte 7A heading north toward Manchester. I'd been in the Chocolate Barn in the '70s when it was relatively new. Chocolate was purchased, a nice sampling from each. The Vermont Village Confectionery had amazing homemade ice cream. I had double chocolate fudge swirl. Yum. Photo soon,

We had other yummy food, too. As for touristy things, we drove the Skyline Drive to the summit of Mt. Equinox (into massive fog!), went to the Robert Frost Stone House, took a quickie self-tour of Robert Lincoln's Summer House Hildene, and toured the Covered Bridge Museum as well as driving through 2 covered bridges. Vermont is one of my favorite places and it was nice to visit there again.

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