Monday, April 19, 2010

Good Things Come on Trucks

Chocolate Chip Cookie

A New York tradition continues! When I was a kid, it was routine to have trucks come to our block, and all over the city, bearing food and services and fun. There were rides: The Whip, Ferris Wheels, and the occasional Merry-Go-Round (aka carousel)! There was the guy who came around to sharpen kitchen knives. There was the milkman who left bottles in the insulated silver boxes on the doorstep and picked up the empties, and the soda man (a friend of my father) who delivered soda, seltzer, and Fox's U-Bet chocolate syrup. There were ice cream trucks from Good Humor to Bungalow Bar.

These days, we've had Mr. Softee keeping things going with their ubiquitous trucks and their annoying jingles, and their imitators. But lately. we've had a wide variety of food trucks, mostly in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The cookie pictured is a rather tasty specimen from the Street Sweets truck. It was fairly thick, with melted semi-sweet chips and a nice combo of crunchy and chewy texture.

Other goodies include waffles, from the Wafels and Dinges (topppings) truck. Very yummy Belgian waffles. I have yet to try many trucks, but I did get a mini cupcake from the CupcakeStop Truck, which was reasonably tasty. Another truck from which I've enjoyed some tasty treats is the aptly named Treats Truck.

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