Thursday, December 17, 2009

16 Questions Meme

Found this on Facebook: 16 Questions Nobody Has Asked You Before. And I've got to admit, I don't recall being asked these before.

What was the last thing you had from Starbucks?
Uh, a piece of cake, I think. It was back in August, so my memory is fuzzy.

Which of these body parts can you crack willingly: knuckles, neck, toes, wrists, knees, shoulders?
Knuckles, but not so much as when I was younger. My elbows crack on their own.

What is the worst thing you have ever tasted?

What is your (or was your most recent) locker number?
It was, uh, almost 40 years ago, so I don't remember.

What brand of bottled water do you like best?
Evian, but I mostly drink Poland Spring, which is cheaper and almost as good.

What kind of frosting do you prefer on chocolate cake?

What was the first cell phone you had?
Uh, a Nokia, I think.

Which are your favorite socks?
Too many to choose from. I love socks.

What does your handwriting look like?
Harder to read as I get older.

When is your three-quarter birthday?

Which band or singer do you dislike?
All the ones I don't like.

Who is your favorite Winnie the Pooh character?
Hmmm.... I never read Winnie the Pooh, so don't really have much affection for any of the characters.

Do you prefer neon, straight flourescent, curly flourescent, or standard light bulbs?
Those nice energy saver ones.

Are the light bulbs so shiny, just begging for you to lick them?

If you had a pet lobster, what would you name it?
Dinner. Not really. I don't like eating lobster.

Do you burn inside?
Only when I have hot flashes. (What the hell does the question even mean?)

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