Thursday, November 05, 2009

We All Scream for Ice Cream

Chocolate ice scream, that is. In California, I tried these two brands for the first time: Dreyers and Sheer Bliss.

Sheer Bliss is a bit high end and comes in tins. My cousin and I decided we had to try ice cream that comes in a tin, and a nice tin it is. The ice cream isn't overly rich, but it is chocolatey and smooth, with a nice, creamy consistency. It had more of a dark chocolate taste than most chocolate ice creams I've had, which makes sense because the flavor is actually dark chocolate.


I'd heard about Dreyers, and might've tasted it once before, but don't recall offhand. Hubby and I found it in a food court in the outlet mall in Las Vegas and I had to have a scoop in a cup. Nothing fancy, and this ice cream doesn't need any enhancement. It's rich, creamy, and very chocolatey. A pleasure to eat.


I also had the pleasure of having a cup of Ben & Jerry's chocolate ice cream while shopping in California, so, along with all the chocolate desserts and the visit to Ethel M's chocolate factory, it was a very chocolicious trip.

Annual Philadelphia Miniaturia dollhouse minis show this weekend. I expect to spend some $$$. :)

Feeling: chocolicious

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