Sunday, October 11, 2009

Musical Seasons


Hubby and I went to see Frankie Valli and the 4 sexy guys who are now the Four Seasons. A good show, as usual, but I could've done without the brief political interlude to introduce a song called "Harmony." The sentiment is nice, that we should all just get along, in harmony. But when he talked about the message we send to the world about how divisive we are and that we should all get behind our leaders and if we don't like them, to just vote them out next election so misses the point of a democracy. The message we send to the world is that we can have dissent here and no one is arrested or killed for it (well, not officially, because we do know that some people do get violent in their disagreements with people) as long as no laws are broken. Our Constitution allows freedom of speech and that includes disagreeing with the people in office. We have that right and our country has survived for more than 200 years despite our disharmony. That's the message we send out to the world. I don't usually get political here, but Valli's comments really bugged me. He should just stick to singing. He was in fine voice.

Hubby and I could've done without the lame comic who opened for Frankie Valli. We've seen the guy for a few years now (he and Frankie are friends) and the jokes are well beyond stale by now. They weren't really funny the first time we heard them, either.

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