Sunday, October 18, 2009

Concert Season

Last night, hubby and I saw America at the Nokia Theater and tonight we saw three acts at Westbury: The Turtles, Felix Cavaliere's Rascals, and Tommy James and the Shondells.

No pics from the America concert, but I got shots at Westbury.
The Turtles

Felix Cavaliere

IMG_7310Tommy James.

America was wonderful, performing a nice variety of their hits and not hits for over 90 minutes. They're one of my favorite "classic" bands, not "oldies" (as they put it). Seeing them perform is more like hanging out with friends who sing and play instruments rather than sitting in an audience.

The Turtles were, well... The Turtles. They're manic and funny and thoroughly entertaining. They once performed with Frank Zappa and now usually work some hard rock into the mix.

Felix Cavaliere is a fine singer and great musician who seems to put his whole self into his music. He puts on a great show.

Tommy James and the guys currently the Shondells also put on a great show. Tommy's a wonderful showman and singer. He has a book coming out: Me, the Mob, and the Music: One Helluva Ride with Tommy James & The Shondells, about the music industry back when payola was the norm. Tonight, he sang a song he hadn't performed in 42 years: Little Latin Lupe Lu. I know it from the Righteous Brothers (Bill Medley wrote it) and Tommy sang it with another song I can't recall now (memory? what memory?) and did a bang up job with it. It's a fun song, good to dance to and singalong with. I couldn't tell how many other people besides me were singing along, but it was a lot fewer than his other songs. It was nice hearing him do something different, too.

If not for having to work today (well, now, technically yesterday/Saturday) and being dead tired all day, it was a perfect couple of days.

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