Friday, October 02, 2009

Close Enough

You Are Most at Home in the Living Room

You're the type of person who always feels relaxed at home. In many ways, it's where you're at your best.

You love to chill out at home. You are not the biggest homebody in the world, but you appreciate the time you spend there.

There's nothing like having a few friends over to watch a movie or just talk in your living room.

You are proud of the home you've created, and you love to share it with others.

I would have said "den."

BTW, I watched David Letterman's show, as usual, last night and listened to his tale of being extorted over affairs he had with female staffers. The front page headline of the Daily News calls this a shocker. They devoted pages to it. Why would anyone be shocked that a man in showbiz had sex with people who worked for him? Surprised, maybe, but shocked? It's the 21st Century. Nothing like that should be much of a shock, anymore. What was shocking was that someone thought Letterman would pay $2 million to keep quiet about it, given how Letterman has demonstrated over the years that he will report criminal acts or threats against him.

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