Thursday, September 24, 2009

Posting Malaise

I probably should just snare some more of my Question of the Day answers from Facebook, because I'm so out of it this week, I can't think of what to blog about.

NCIS season opener was awesome, and NCIS LA started well, but I liked the pilot 2-parter from NCIS last season. The Mentalist and CSI were both good tonight, House's 2-hour opener was amazing and a tour de force for actor Hugh Laurie. Heroes was entertaining, too. How I Met Your Mother hasn't lost any of its charm or humor and remains my favorite comedy of recent years.

The weather has been mostly lovely this week and work has been stressful, which is the new norm. I was able to find replacements, a size smaller, for my corduroy pants that no longer fit.

Had doctor appointment yesterday to have my thyroid levels checked. And that pretty much catches everything up. Life here at Chez Shelly is rather boring. ;)

Feeling: blah ;)

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