Monday, September 07, 2009

A Chocolate Post

When I saw these Chocolate Fudge Pirouettes from Pepperidge Farm in the supermarket, I opted to buy them instead of a box of Milano cookies. I'd had at least one of the other flavors, but not this one. Really, how could I resist. So I had to try them. And while the chocolate flavor could be more robust (the only really robust chocolate I've tasted from Pepperidge Farm is their double chocolate Milanos and their chocolate covered Milanos which I don't see on the site, so it might've been a short-lived special item), they are rather tasty. The chocolate wafers are nice and crispy (though if it gets humid out, that won't last for long around here now that they're opened, even with the foil wrapper inside), and the chocolate filling is decently creamy. They make a nice snack. The label says one serving equals two wafer sticks, for 120 calories (40 from fat), but I find one is sufficient to satisfy a momentary chocolate urge and at 60 calories, that's pretty good. And when I'm finished with them, I'll have a nice tin for my tin box collection (not something I set out to collect, but I can't throw away the nice ones).
They suggest using them to perk up an ice cream treat and I'll have to try that at some point.
Meanwhile, I'm working on projects around here, finally putting a roombox together that I bought over a year ago (!) and cleaning here and there, mostly tucking things away (out of sight). The problem with a lot to do is that I spend too much time trying to decide what to work on. ;)

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